East Atlanta

If there’s one regret I have about my time spent in Atlanta, it’s that I didn’t explore enough pockets of the city.

I’ve attended annual festivals, dined at some local gems, and made my rounds to all of the city’s major tourist attractions. But rarely did I ever just take a moment to walk around a new neighborhood. Particularly east Atlanta, an area that seems to transform seamlessly from one cool district to another.

Last weekend, my friend Fiza and I happened upon the Inman Park community. We were searching for a coffee & crepes eatery that we saw on Pinterest but found ourselves wandering the quiet neighborhood streets instead.

I really appreciated the Savannah-esque aura: homes draped with lush greenery, sprinkles of flowers, and soft, trickling sunlight. While we only walked a few blocks, I felt I could shoot there all day. Seriously, I had taken 400 photos of Fiza before we finally retreated to Juliana’s for crepes and iced coffee.

Below are some of my favorites from our little Sunday adventure. And if you’re ever in the area, be sure to explore these other cool parts of east Atlanta. Krog Street Market, Little Five Points, EAV, Kirkwood and Cabbagetown.

I’m really starting to love shooting with sparklers. The ones in this series with Fiza are some of my best yet. Rich greens really make for a perfect backdrop.

Juliana’s was just as cute and cozy as it looked on Pinterest and it’s clearly a neighborhood favorite. We had to wait a while before these red tables became available for us to shoot.

Everything about this scene pleased my soul. My beautiful friend plus the soft light plus the pretty altar plus the hint of red flowers in the background inspired me to take a muted approach in color tones.