With minimalist photography being a fashionable thing in our industry these days, I thought I’d share a glimpse of what my process looks like by shooting photos of a new hard shell cover I bought for my MacBook Pro.

A lot of articles on this subject often focus on technical elements such as composition, colors, lines and patterns. But while all of these features are important, it’s equally helpful to have an understanding of why a photographer made certain decisions in their approach. Since I like to fashion myself as an emerging minimalist, here are photos of my MacBook that didn’t make the cut (along with personal thoughts of why I chose to scrap them):

The very first shot I took actually turned out to be a close pick. But I wasn’t ready to settle

I thought something was missing so I added a glass of water.

I zoomed out a bit to see how I liked it. I didn’t like it.

I decided the blinds were distracting so I raised them. I also felt like the glass of water got lost in the previous shot so I poured a glass of OJ instead. (Note: No water was wasted in the shooting of this scene).

Now I’m getting carried away: I added a book and shot from a farther perspective again.

I liked the idea of an over-the-table shot. But then I considered it might be hard for some to make out the Mac Book on my desk. It could almost pass for a regular notebook because the logo is only faintly visible. Also, the angle of the book and laptop are too matchy-matchy for me.

Shooting above the desk in the previous photo inspired me to incorporate more white in this shot. So I pushed my desk against the wall and placed the drink back in the picture.

The orange juice was too bright and ill-placed. So I took it out again. I also rotated my flower jar to hide the weird stem that was poking out in the last photo. Did you notice it?

And here we are! The photo that won me over is as simple as it gets. After taking 52 shots, I realized I didn’t want the Apple logo illuminating. The color of the glow was clashing with the scene. For the finishing touches, I lightly edited this photo by turning up the whites and decreasing the shadows a tad. I’m pleased

What do you think of minimalist photography?
Love it? Hate it? Or is overrated? Let me know your thoughts!