Having lived in Savannah for 10 years, I thought I knew every intricate detail about its cobblestone streets and historic squares draped in Spanish moss.

But I saw the city in a lovely new light last month while photographing a wedding for a dear friend and beautiful bride to be Jamila McRae. The day’s occasion took us all around town — from Suites at Bay to Reynolds Square to Telfair Square and the Jepson Center for the main event.

There are endless options for beautiful wedding venues in Savannah. If you closed your eyes and placed a finger on a random spot of a map of historic Savannah, chances are you’d still have a breathtaking wedding. But the Jepson Center, by far, is one of the more desired destinations. When Jamila messaged me to say she had booked the museum, I shrieked and tried to explain to my bewildered boyfriend (and second shooter) why this would be so gorgeous to capture.

I’ve always been impressed by the unique design and striking beauty of the Jepson Center.  Having the opportunity to shoot a wedding there inspired so many ideas for capturing its grand features while remaining true to the spirit of a beautiful occasion. Even Michael, who had never been in the museum before, reacted swiftly with amazing approaches and ideas for capturing the ceremony. One of my favorite shots was taken by him from a high vantage point as the bride walks down the stairs with her father. It was a soft yet stunning moment that breathed energy into our work that day as visual storytellers. Months later, it’s still the standout moment from our series and one that’s been recognized by Design Studio South and Savannah Weddings Magazine.

Brandon and Jamila’s union couldn’t have been expressed more eloquently than at the Jepson Center. But Savannah, itself, offered so many opportunities for creative perspectives that really connect with how Brandon and Jamila display their love for one another. Here are more of my favorite moments from the wedding:

I loved this beautiful profile of Jamila sitting in her hotel suite.


Seriously! Look at those gorgeous features. The way the sunlight hit her eyes here in Reynolds Square was just magical.


Brandon’s groomsmen makes some final adjustments as guests arrive to the Jepson Center


One of my favorite shots by far! This was taken after the wedding as we walked to the center of Telfair Square to photograph the wedding party.


A sweet moment. I don’t remember what made them laugh but I’m sure they do.


A groomsman escorting Jamila’s cousin Kelsi after the wedding. She’s quite a looker and was always camera-ready.


Jamila beings whisked away in the back of a limo is another favorite of mine. It felt so glamorous and reminded me an old Hollywood fragrance ads.


This intimate moment of Brandon standing in the window of his hotel room was captured by Michael and I really love it. Brandon looks a lot like the rapper Drake. So this photo was serving up major “Take Care” vibes to me.


I love this photo, first, because it’s so sweet and quiet. And, second, because it complements the previous photo Michael took of Brandon at a hotel a mile away from where I was. We had no idea what the other person was shooting but still managed to find common themes in our work. So glad I had him with me for this shoot.


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